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About CCAA

About the Charlotte County Airport Authority

About CCAAThe Charlotte County Development Authority was created as a public agency by the State of Florida in 1965 to operate and manage the Charlotte County Airport and surrounding commerce park. In 1998 legislation was passed to change the name to the Charlotte County Airport Authority. In 2011 legislation was passed that would allow the Airport Authority to change the name of the airport to the Punta Gorda Airport. Chapter 2011-263 and 2013-254 contain the full text of the Enabling act for the Charlotte County Airport Authority.

The Authority has five Commissioners elected at large by the citizens of Charlotte County one from each of the five districts of the county, each serving four year terms. The Airport Authority Board meets monthly generally on the third Thursday of the month at 9:00 a.m. Special meetings are publicly advertised. All meetings are conducted in accordance with the Government in the Sunshine Act.

The Airport Authority operates as an enterprise fund, totally supported by revenue generated from their operations such as rental car concession revenue, parking, fuel sales, hangar leases, building and land leases. The Airport Authority collects no ad valorem (property) taxes, therefore no local tax money is used in airport operations or expansion. 

The Charlotte County Airport Authority exercises authority over the boundary of the Punta Gorda Airport. 

The Charlotte County Airport Authority has adopted a Code of Ethics as part of the Charlotte County Airport Authority Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. Other generally applicable ethics previsions also apply. See www.ethics.state.fl.us (select Ethics Laws).