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Airport Information

Noise Concern

Can the noise office change flight paths?

What does the PGD’s noise office do?

Noise Mitigation Efforts at PGD?

How are pilots made aware that Punta Gorda is a noise sensitive community?

How does the airport determine which runway to use?

What are the rules regarding how low an aircraft can fly?

Engine Run-Ups: why are they conducted?

Can’t the planes fly a few blocks down from me?

Why do airplanes fly out of the corridors?

What is a Stabilized Approach?

Why do some aircraft seem louder than others?

What makes a jet loud?

Why does the airport sound noisier on somedays vs others?

Does aircraft emission’s cause soot on my home?

What can I do if I have a concern or question?

We strive to promote a positive community relationship. If you have a specific question regarding a flight you can file it on our noise concern submission form.