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Last updated March 24, 2017 at 5:55 PM

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Type Flight Airline City Date Scheduled Time Estimated Time Status
arrival1985 F9 Trenton Mercer March 24 8:05pm 7:45pm On Time 
arrival1249 G4 Columbus March 24 3:38pm 7:46pm Tardy 
arrival1345 G4 Raleigh-Durham March 24 7:52pm 7:52pm On Time 
arrival1659 G4 South Bend March 24 8:02pm 8:02pm On Time 
arrival1691 G4 Indianapolis March 24 8:05pm 8:05pm On Time 
arrival1683 G4 Allentown PA March 24 8:21pm 8:21pm On Time 
arrival1697 G4 Cedar Rapids March 24 9:38pm 9:38pm On Time 
arrival1605 G4 Kansas City March 24 9:10pm 10:10pm On Time 
arrival1651 G4 Knoxville March 24 10:25pm 10:25pm On Time 
arrival1304 G4 Cincinnati March 25 9:42am 9:42am On Time 
arrival1653 G4 Lexington March 25 11:11am 11:11am On Time 
arrival1661 G4 Fort Wayne Intl March 25 12:44pm 12:44pm On Time 
arrival1641 G4 Niagara Falls March 25 12:54pm 12:54pm On Time 
arrival1697 G4 Cedar Rapids March 25 1:13pm 1:13pm On Time 
arrival1615 G4 Indianapolis March 25 1:18pm 1:18pm On Time 
arrival1671 G4 Rockford March 25 1:35pm 1:35pm On Time 
arrival1392 G4 Cincinnati March 25 3:37pm 3:37pm On Time 
arrival1691 G4 Indianapolis March 25 5:39pm 5:39pm On Time 
arrival973 G4 Plattsburgh March 25 5:40pm 5:40pm On Time 
arrival1404 G4 Pittsburgh March 25 6:11pm 6:11pm On Time 
arrival1637 G4 Columbus March 25 7:17pm 7:17pm On Time 
arrival1985 F9 Trenton Mercer March 25 8:05pm 8:05pm On Time 
arrival1657 G4 Niagara Falls March 25 8:39pm 8:39pm On Time 
arrival1659 G4 South Bend March 25 8:39pm 8:39pm On Time 
arrival1639 G4 Fort Wayne Intl March 25 8:48pm 8:48pm On Time 
arrival1665 G4 Peoria March 25 9:19pm 9:19pm On Time 
arrival1693 G4 Columbus March 25 11:46pm 11:46pm On Time 
arrival1979 F9 Philadelphia March 26 10:26am 10:26am On Time 
arrival1971 F9 Chicago OHare March 26 12:27pm 12:27pm On Time 
arrival1661 G4 Fort Wayne Intl March 26 12:52pm 12:52pm On Time 
arrival1623 G4 Trenton Mercer March 26 1:03pm 1:03pm On Time 
arrival1609 G4 Harrisburg March 26 1:15pm 1:15pm On Time 
arrival1625 G4 Dayton, Ohio March 26 1:38pm 1:38pm On Time 
arrival1673 G4 Plattsburgh March 26 2:10pm 2:10pm On Time 
arrival1633 G4 Cleveland March 26 2:52pm 2:52pm On Time 
arrival1607 G4 Belleville, IL March 26 7:36pm 7:36pm On Time 
arrival1669 G4 Springfield March 26 7:39pm 7:39pm On Time 
arrival1404 G4 Pittsburgh March 26 7:42pm 7:42pm On Time 
arrival1985 F9 Trenton Mercer March 26 8:05pm 8:05pm On Time 
arrival1657 G4 Niagara Falls March 26 8:52pm 8:52pm On Time 
arrival1671 G4 Rockford March 26 9:20pm 9:20pm On Time 
arrival1689 G4 Des Moines Intl March 26 9:22pm 9:22pm On Time 
arrival1663 G4 Cincinnati March 26 9:27pm 9:27pm On Time 
arrival1206 G4 Asheville March 27 9:41am 9:41am On Time 
arrival1653 G4 Lexington March 27 11:26am 11:26am On Time 
arrival1601 G4 Grand Rapids March 27 1:12pm 1:12pm On Time 
arrival1665 G4 Peoria March 27 1:15pm 1:15pm On Time 
arrival1675 G4 Toledo  March 27 1:17pm 1:17pm On Time 
arrival1647 G4 Portsmouth March 27 1:58pm 1:58pm On Time 
arrival1657 G4 Niagara Falls March 27 2:09pm 2:09pm On Time 
arrival1304 G4 Cincinnati March 27 2:45pm 2:45pm On Time 
arrival1249 G4 Columbus March 27 3:38pm 3:38pm On Time 
arrival1345 G4 Raleigh-Durham March 27 7:52pm 7:52pm On Time 
arrival1659 G4 South Bend March 27 8:02pm 8:02pm On Time 
arrival1985 F9 Trenton Mercer March 27 8:05pm 8:05pm On Time 
arrival1691 G4 Indianapolis March 27 8:05pm 8:05pm On Time 
arrival1683 G4 Allentown PA March 27 8:21pm 8:21pm On Time 
arrival1605 G4 Kansas City March 27 9:10pm 9:10pm On Time 
arrival1697 G4 Cedar Rapids March 27 9:38pm 9:38pm On Time 
arrival1651 G4 Knoxville March 27 10:25pm 10:25pm On Time