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Last updated February 22, 2018 at 5:35 PM

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Type Flight Airline City Date Scheduled Time Estimated Time Status
arrival1683 Allegiant Air Allentown PA February 23 1:11pm 1:11pm On Time 
arrival1206 Allegiant Air Asheville February 23 1:48pm 1:48pm On Time 
arrival1607 Allegiant Air Belleville IL February 22 9:30pm 9:30pm On Time 
arrival1607 Allegiant Air Belleville IL February 25 9:30pm 9:30pm On Time 
arrival1591 Allegiant Air Bishop Intl Airport February 23 7:58pm 7:58pm On Time 
arrival1697 Allegiant Air Cedar Rapids February 23 9:03pm 9:03pm On Time 
arrival1697 Allegiant Air Cedar Rapids February 24 9:54pm 9:54pm On Time 
arrival1663 Allegiant Air Cincinnati February 25 12:38pm 12:38pm On Time 
arrival1663 Allegiant Air Cincinnati February 24 8:16pm 8:16pm On Time 
arrival1304 Allegiant Air Cincinnati February 24 10:14am 10:14am On Time 
arrival1663 Allegiant Air Cincinnati February 23 11:48am 11:48am On Time 
arrival1633 Allegiant Air Cleveland February 23 1:04pm 1:04pm On Time 
arrival1693 Allegiant Air Columbus February 23 12:00pm 12:00pm On Time 
arrival1693 Allegiant Air Columbus February 24 11:50am 11:50am On Time 
arrival1625 Allegiant Air Dayton Ohio February 23 6:02pm 6:02pm On Time 
arrival1689 Allegiant Air Des Moines Intl February 25 1:38pm 1:38pm On Time 
arrival1689 Allegiant Air Des Moines Intl February 24 1:58pm 1:58pm On Time 
arrival1581 Allegiant Air Eppley Airfield February 25 2:33pm 2:33pm On Time 
arrival1661 Allegiant Air Fort Wayne Intl February 24 7:42pm 7:42pm On Time 
arrival1661 Allegiant Air Fort Wayne Intl February 25 12:28pm 12:28pm On Time 
arrival1593 Allegiant Air General Mitchell February 22 8:35pm 8:35pm On Time 
arrival1593 Allegiant Air General Mitchell February 25 8:35pm 8:35pm On Time 
arrival1601 Allegiant Air Grand Rapids February 24 1:04pm 1:04pm On Time 
arrival1601 Allegiant Air Grand Rapids February 23 9:46pm 9:46pm On Time 
arrival1609 Allegiant Air Harrisburg February 22 7:22pm 7:04pm On Time 
arrival1609 Allegiant Air Harrisburg February 25 7:12pm 7:12pm On Time 
arrival1691 Allegiant Air Indianapolis February 23 12:56pm 12:56pm On Time 
arrival1691 Allegiant Air Indianapolis February 25 10:20am 10:20am On Time 
arrival1864 Allegiant Air Indianapolis February 24 3:30pm 3:30pm On Time 
arrival1605 Allegiant Air Kansas City February 24 7:57pm 7:57pm On Time 
arrival1651 Allegiant Air Knoxville February 24 10:49pm 10:49pm On Time 
arrival1651 Allegiant Air Knoxville February 23 5:07pm 5:07pm On Time 
arrival1653 Allegiant Air Lexington February 23 10:54pm 10:54pm On Time 
arrival1653 Allegiant Air Lexington February 24 5:42pm 5:42pm On Time 
arrival1687 Allegiant Air Moline February 25 12:49pm 12:49pm On Time 
arrival1597 Allegiant Air Monroe County February 25 8:55pm 8:55pm On Time 
arrival1597 Allegiant Air Monroe County February 22 8:55pm 9:15pm Late 
arrival1657 Allegiant Air Niagara Falls February 25 9:29pm 9:29pm On Time 
arrival1657 Allegiant Air Niagara Falls February 23 2:14pm 2:14pm On Time 
arrival1657 Allegiant Air Niagara Falls February 22 9:29pm 9:29pm On Time 
arrival1657 Allegiant Air Niagara Falls February 24 9:22pm 9:22pm On Time 
arrival1665 Allegiant Air Peoria February 23 8:12pm 8:12pm On Time 
arrival1665 Allegiant Air Peoria February 24 1:11pm 1:11pm On Time 
arrival1404 Allegiant Air Pittsburgh February 25 7:31pm 7:31pm On Time 
arrival1404 Allegiant Air Pittsburgh February 22 7:31pm 7:19pm On Time 
arrival1404 Allegiant Air Pittsburgh February 24 6:46pm 6:46pm On Time 
arrival1673 Allegiant Air Plattsburgh February 25 3:04pm 3:04pm On Time 
arrival1647 Allegiant Air Portsmouth February 23 2:12pm 2:12pm On Time 
arrival1647 Allegiant Air Portsmouth February 24 2:22pm 2:22pm On Time 
arrival1249 Allegiant Air Raleigh-Durham February 23 7:10pm 7:10pm On Time 
arrival1671 Allegiant Air Rockford February 22 9:02pm 9:02pm On Time 
arrival1671 Allegiant Air Rockford February 25 9:02pm 9:02pm On Time 
arrival1671 Allegiant Air Rockford February 24 10:59pm 10:59pm On Time 
arrival1659 Allegiant Air South Bend February 24 1:51pm 1:51pm On Time 
arrival1659 Allegiant Air South Bend February 25 1:41pm 1:41pm On Time 
arrival1669 Allegiant Air Springfield February 23 1:17pm 1:17pm On Time 
arrival1669 Allegiant Air Springfield February 24 7:51pm 7:51pm On Time 
arrival1595 Allegiant Air St. Cloud Regional February 24 3:45pm 3:45pm On Time 
arrival1611 Allegiant Air Standiford Field February 25 8:24pm 8:24pm On Time 
arrival1611 Allegiant Air Standiford Field February 22 9:04pm 9:04pm On Time 
arrival1599 Allegiant Air Stewart Intl February 23 8:22pm 8:22pm On Time 
arrival1603 Allegiant Air Theodore Francis Green February 25 2:05pm 2:05pm On Time 
arrival1675 Allegiant Air Toledo  February 24 12:42pm 12:42pm On Time 
arrival1675 Allegiant Air Toledo  February 23 9:04pm 9:04pm On Time 
arrival1623 Allegiant Air Trenton Mercer February 25 7:29pm 7:29pm On Time 
arrival1623 Allegiant Air Trenton Mercer February 22 7:19pm 7:34pm Late