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About CCAA

Guide to Public Participation

There are several opportunities for public comment during the Charlotte County Airport Authority meetings. The Airport Authority Board meets generally the third Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.m. The meetings are held in the Commission Meeting Room at 7375 Utilities Road, Building 313, behind the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, at the Punta Gorda Airport. The Airport Authority’s agenda allows for public discussion on items that have been placed on the agenda. The comments of the members of the public desiring to address the Authority Board during the first opportunity for Citizen’s Comments must be limited to items that are on either the consent or administrative agenda. The second opportunity to address the Airport Authority Board on agenda items under Old or New Business. The third opportunity to address the Airport Authority Board on agenda items or items of interest to the Airport Authority Board is during Citizen’s Input at the end of the meeting. 

1. Each person addressing the Airport Authority Board must stand at the podium and give their name and address for the record. All remarks should be addressed to the Airport Authority Board as a body and not to any specific member. Public comment is limited to two minutes per speaker.

2. There is generally no ex parte limitation on contacting members of the Board on items that are placed on the agenda, unless those items are the subject of a competitive solicitation or proposal process. There is also no prohibition on the submission of petitions, photographs, or other written information. Copies of items given to the Airport Authority Board should also be given to the "Minutes" person seated at the dais for inclusion in the record.

3. Members of the public should refrain from making comments or holding discussions while members of the Airport Authority Board, Airport Authority staff, or other citizens are speaking. All cell phones and pagers should be turned off during the meeting, and members of the public who are unable to remain for the entire meeting should exit as quietly as possible.